Our Passion for Our Founding Documents

Posted by Scott on 15th Jan 2018

Our Passion for Our Founding Documents

Welcome to our first blog post! 

So many people ask us how we got into selling custom handmade framed historical documents. I've been an American history buff most of my life. The more I learn and read, the more I want to learn. 

Living in Bucks County, PA, only intensifies my passion to learn as much as I can about our great country's founding and the remarkable founding fathers that traversed this same land a few hundred years ago. Being so close to Philadelphia, where the framers of this country drafted the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights only fueled this passion. 

So the answer to why we started framing our amazing founding documents is simple... we wanted to share our passion, and these documents, with as many Americans as possible! 

The brilliance of our founders can not be overstated. They were well-educated men, studied in philosophy and history, who set out to construct the best possible self governed republic possible. 

The purpose of this blog will be to bring as many interesting stories of this amazing period in American history as possible to you, our readers. We hope you will find our stories entertaining and educational.... cheers!