Framed Seals of The American Colonies 1606-1794

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Product Description:

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Solid Wood Frame with Mat, Glass Front, Paper Duster Backing with Wire Hanger
  • Printed on antique parchment paper that goes through an 11 step process to give it an aged authentic look
  • Frame measures 19 3/4" wide and 21 3/4" tall
  • Font size approx. 10pt script

Our framed Seals of the American Colonies 1606-1794 is made in the USA with a solid wood frame, glass front, mat, paper duster backing and wire hanger. It is printed on antique parchment paper that goes through an 11 step process to give it an aged authentic look. Each paper is unique with characteristics such as (but not limited to), golden or yellow hues, crinkling, puckering.

Product Details:

In early English law it was necessary that formal contracts should contain the seal of each party concerned, as wall as his signatures. The Colonies that were governed directly under the British Crown had seals upon which were symbols or coat-of-arms of the royal authority. These were discarded at the time of the Revolution, and replacing them were designs more in harmony with the new state of affairs. In some of the older Colonies, and later when they became states, imperfect records of the early seals have been preserved. Seals were worn out or lost. It was necessary to renew then, but ofter there was no minute description of them on record, and the engravers wold use their own judgement or interpretation. Even the date of the adoption of a specific seal in some of the states is uncertain. The designs of some of the state seals were changed during the course of years. Against all these obstacles, the illustrated replicas of the seals represent a tremendous amount of research providing a great deal of information.


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