Framed Story of The Ringing of The Liberty Bell - July 4th 1776

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Product Description:

  • Proudly handmade in the USA
  • Wood Frame with Mat, Glass Front, Paper Duster Backing with Wire Hanger
  • Printed on antique parchment paper that goes through an 11 step process to give it an aged authentic look. Each paper is unique with characteristics such as (but not limited to), golden or yellow hues, crinkling, puckering.
  • Frame measures approx. 16 3/4" wide and 20" tall
  • Font size approx. 14pt type

Frame Details:

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Product Details:

During the months prior to July of 1776 there was great turbulence and upheaval in the American Colonies, unrest was everywhere. The Congress was assembled to ponder the question of whether or not to declare the colonies independent of England. They knew that to do so would immediately bring down the wrath of Great Britain upon them. Interestingly, there were a great many respected British statesmen who sympathized with the colonists. Richard Henry Lee, a delegate from Virginia, leaped to his feet and in clear deliberate voice read, "Resolved that there United Colonies are and ought to be free and independent states, and that all political connection between us an the State of Great Britain is an ought to be totally dissolved." The question was to have special priority by was postponed until July 1. The extra time was allotted to a special committee established to draft a declaration of independence. When the day finally arrived, the declaration was heatedly debated paragraph by paragraph. The sultry July weather only added flame to the fire. For three long days the exciting debate raged on: At last it was decided that July 4 would be the day of the final vote. This information, having trickled out, was soon known to the inhabitants of Philadelphia. The streets were filled with excited people who thronged to the site of the meeting. Nothing else seemed more important on that memorable morning. A mass of colonists were soon gathered at the entrance. The old bell-man had made the long climb up to the belfry. His hands encircled the rope. He was ready to ring the bell when notified of the final vote tally. A bright-eyed lad was stationed below to give the signal. The bell had been cast in England some twenty years before. Inscribed around the bell, were the prophetic words: "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land Unto All The Inhabitants Thereof." Although the loud clang of the bell had often been heard in the city, it was to soon have a new and immortal meaning. It was expected that the final vote would be quickly taken, but this was not to be. Hours went by with no report from the hall. The multitude gathered outside, became restless and impatient. The Bell Ringer leaned over the side of the rail. Hope was yielding to fear. At length the door opened and a voice exclaimed, "It has passed." In a split second the boy sentinel was up the steps. His small hands clapped as he shouted, "Ring-ring!!" The despondent bell-man, shocked into action by the glorious news, seized the tongue of the bell and hurled it back and forth as never before. The first sounds revitalized the citizenry and its tones were never so beautiful. Every heart in Philadelphia skipped a beat and then beat as one. For on that that exact moment, they were one. The above anecdote was related in Graham's magazine in 1854, although historians state that the Liberty Bell was rung July 8, 1776 following the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.


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